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April 24 1145 EST - Sir Dermot Turing

We are truly honored to have the nephew of the legendary Alan Turing to discuss his book, “X, Y and Z” The Real Story of How Enigma Was Broken”.

Dermot Turing followed his uncle’s academic footsteps at Cambridge, albeit not mathematics but law, and became a solicitor in international law.  His hobbies are cryptography and naval history.

In 2020 he was awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Merit of Poland for highlighting the role of the Poles in breaking the Enigma.

this is a members only event - Zoom link will be sent to members around April 17

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May 15 1145 EST - Joel Greenberg 

 Noted Bletchley Park historian Joel Greenberg completes our Spring Bletchley Park Trifecta discussing the more unsung hero of the Enigma story, Gordon Welchman.

“The Official Secrets Act and the passing of time have prevented the Bletchley Park story from being told by many of its key participants. Here at last is a book which allows some of them to speak for the first time. Like Turing, Welchman’s pioneering work was fundamental to the success of Bletchley Park and helped pave the way for the birth of the digital age. Yet, his story is largely unknown to many. His book, The Hut Six Story, was the first to reveal not only how they broke the codes, but how it was done on an industrial scale. Its publication created such a stir in GCHQ and the NSA that Welchman was forbidden to discuss the book or his wartime work with the media.

In order to finally set the record straight, Bletchley Park historian Joel Greenberg has drawn on Welchman’s personal papers and correspondence with wartime colleagues which lay undisturbed in his son’s loft for many years. 

Packed with fascinating new insights, this is essential reading for anyone interested in the clandestine activities at Bletchley Park.”

this is a members only event - Zoom link will be sent to members around May 8

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